Reflective Portfolios


  • Integration – The Mentor Reflective Portfolios system is fully integrated with the Mentor CMS as well as the Mentor Assessment system. Portfolios can be assigned from within a course and students can point and click to include course work in their portfolios.Any student, faculty or staff member can create a portfolio and can create any number of portfolios. Faculty and staff can also assign portfolios outside of the context of courses. Assigned portfolios allow the administrator to set specific writing prompts and learning outcomes and the administrator always has access to their assigned portfolios.Faculty can also use the portfolio system for reporting. Portfolios allow faculty to point and click to include scholarship information from the Mentor Faculty Activity Reporting system, including links to full text. Faculty can also point and click to copy course assignments and even samples of student work into their portfolios.
  • Readers – Portfolios provide options to invite specific persons to read them (external or internal to Mentor), as well as make portfolios open within the Mentor system or open publicly through the Mentor external interface.
  • Accreditation – Another special feature of Mentor portfolios is the integration with the Mentor Document Management System. This makes a Mentor portfolio an ideal place to set up an accreditation team site, complete with access to folders in the document system that contain all the relevant evidence and supporting documents to a self-study. Access to the Document Management folders is strictly limited to just those folders that are chosen but allows the visiting team members to browse these folders at will without leaving the portfolio.
  • Assessment – Mentor Portfolios are fully integrated with the Mentor Assessment system. Assigned portfolios offer the administrator the option to assign a set of program learning outcomes as points of reflection and to employ this or a different set of learning outcomes and their rubric traits to create assessment rubrics for the portfolios. Assigned portfolios support multiple administrators who have access to review the portfolios and score the rubrics.