Application/Peer Review Manager

Application/Peer Review Manager

Educational institutions have many different needs to collect and review proposals from their many constituents. A faculty research committee will regularly entertain applications for research stipends, awards and sabbaticals, student affairs staff will entertain proposals from their RA’s for resident activities and all departments have the need to solicit and manage the hiring process. Academic jobs, in particular, can solicit hundreds of applications.

These activities can generate enormous amounts of paper work, copying and time spent managing the files. The Mentor Application/Peer Review Manager (A/PRM) is a general purpose system that can be used to manage a full range of application activities, from a simple sign-up for a bus trip to something as complex as managing an academic job search.

The A/PRM system allows an application administrator to specify specific data points to be collected, including, contact information, documents to be uploaded, reference letters to be solicited and even full questionnaires that can be created by the administrator.

Applications can be for internal use only or the system can be exposed publicly (as in the case of a job search). The application administrator can specifically name any set of documents that are required in the application process, the number of letters of reference and whether these are to be uploaded by the applicant or by the referee. Referees get an automatic email solicitation and they can simply reply to this email with their letter attached and Mentor files the letter in the correct application.

The administrator can define different application reviewer roles and assign different individuals to these roles and assign these individuals to specific sets of applications. Applications can be categorized as they are reviewed and there is a special evaluation score that each reviewer can enter. The application administrator can also provide specific feedback to applicants via uploaded files or email communications.